Arusha National Park

  • Arusha National Park

    Arusha National Park is a stunning wildlife destination for an unforgettable safari experience in Tanzania. The park covers an area of about 137 square kilometers and is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. It is renowned for its diverse wildlife, including zebras, giraffes, buffalos, and flamingos, among others. A guided tour is the best way to explore the park and get up close to the animals. Several safari activities include game drives, ¬†guided walks, birdwatching, and cultural experiences. No matter which option you choose, you’re guaranteed to have a thrilling and unforgettable experience in the park. Arusha National Park is an unforgettable experience that you should not miss.
  • Arusha National Park Location

    Arusha National Park is located in northern Tanzania, near Arusha. The park is situated on the eastern edge of the Great Rift Valley and covers an area of approximately 137 square kilometers. Despite being one of the smallest national parks in Tanzania, Arusha National Park boasts an incredible diversity of landscapes, from lush rainforests to alpine deserts. Its location at the foothills of Mount Meru, one of Africa’s highest peaks, also offers visitors breathtaking views of the surrounding scenery.
  • Arush National Park Wildlife

    Arusha National Park is renowned for its incredible variety of wildlife, from large mammals to small and colorful birdlife. The park’s diverse landscapes provide a habitat for many species, and visitors on an Arusha National Park safari will likely see a wide range of animals during their visit. Elephants, giraffes, buffaloes, zebras, warthogs, and baboons are among the park’s star attractions. Lucky visitors may also glimpse the park’s leopards, which are notoriously difficult to spot but can occasionally be seen lounging on tree branches or stalking prey through the undergrowth.
    In addition to the park’s mammals, Arusha National Park is also a haven for birdwatchers. With over 400 species of birds, including flamingos, eagles, and ostriches, the park is an ideal destination for those interested in avian diversity. The park’s soda lakes are home to flocks of flamingos, which can be seen wading in the shallow waters in search of food. Other popular bird species in the park include the African fish eagle, the silvery-cheeked hornbill, and the augur buzzard. Birdwatchers can hire a guide to help them navigate the park and spot some rarer species.
  • Arusha National Park Activities

    • Game drives: Arusha National Park is home to various wildlife, including giraffes, zebras, buffaloes, warthogs, and more. Game drives are popular for tourists, allowing you to see these animals up close in their natural habitat.
    • Canoeing: Visitors to the park can go on a canoe safari through the Momella Lakes. This is a unique way to experience the park’s wildlife, especially birdlife, as you paddle past the shores of the lake.
    • Walking safaris: Guided walking safaris are available in Arusha National Park, allowing visitors to experience the park’s wildlife and landscapes up close and personal. The park’s varied terrain offers a unique opportunity to experience the African wilderness on foot.
    • Hiking: For those who enjoy hiking, Arusha National Park offers a variety of trails of varying difficulty. The most popular hike is the climb up Mount Meru, which offers stunning views of the park and its surroundings.
    • Cultural tours: Arusha National Park is also home to the Meru and Maasai people, and visitors can take cultural tours to learn about their traditions and way of life.
    • Bird watching: The park is a haven for birdwatchers, with over 400 species of birds to be spotted, including flamingos, pelicans, and kingfishers.
    • Visit the Ngurdoto Crater: This large, steep-sided volcanic crater is located in the park and offers stunning views of the surrounding area.
  • Visiting Arusha National Park

    Visiting Arusha National Park is a must-do activity for any traveler looking to experience the natural beauty of Tanzania. Whether you’re a nature lover, adventure seeker, or simply looking for a unique travel experience, visiting Arusha National Park should be on your bucket list. With its stunning landscapes, diverse wildlife, and range of activities, it’s no wonder why this park is a top destination in Tanzania.
  • When to visit Arusha National Park

    The best time to visit Arusha National Park for a safari experience is during the dry season, from June to October. This is when the wildlife is most active and easily seen as the grass is low and vegetation is sparse. During this time, the setting sun provides a stunning backdrop for photographs, making it a great time for photographers. Game drives are also much more successful during this period. Although the dry season is the ideal time to visit Arusha National Park, the park is beautiful all year round and offers unique experiences each season. Whatever time of year you visit, an Arusha National Park safari will be an unforgettable experience.


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