Mombasa, Malindi & Diani

  • Mombasa, Malindi and Diani beach

    The Coast of Kenya or Indian Ocean Coast line is a glorious ribbon of silver and sapphire, bright coral and white beaches. The unique Swahili culture, a fusion of the many influences of early times in the Coast has created a pace of life, myth, heritage and magic not found anywhere else in the world. The highlights of the coast include the historic Mombasa built around the falls of the 16th Century Fort Jesus and the Magnificent Lamu The waving palms, white-walled mosques, black-veiled women, fleet of dhows harnessing the trade-winds enchant and fascinate the Swahili coast.

  • Wildlife

    The coastal region is in vastness enriched with beauty beyond imagination; from the sparkling sunrise to the rich fauna and the sandy beaches and to the gloryfying sunset.

  • Activities

    • swimming.
    • Snorkeling.
    • Sea kayaking.
    • Diving.
    • Water sports.
    • Dhow trips.
    • Nature trails.
    • Visiting historic places

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