Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo East National Park

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  • Tsavo East National Park | Location

    Tsavo East National Park is a Kenyan national park covering 13,747 km2 (5,308 sq mi). It was founded in April 1948 and encompasses a semi-arid region formerly known as the Taru Desert. It covers an area of around 22,000 square kilometers when combined with the Tsavo West National Park. The Tsavo River flows west to east through the national park, which is located in the former Coast Province’s Taita-Taveta County. It’s known for its diverse ecosystems, ranging from vast open plains to dense forests, rocky outcrops, and winding rivers, creating a perfect habitat for a wide array of wildlife. 

  • Tsavo East Safari

    Embarking on a Tsavo East safari is a thrilling journey into the heart of untamed nature. Picture yourself in an open-top safari vehicle, traversing the rugged terrain as you spot majestic creatures roaming freely in their natural habitat. Tsavo East National Park is home to the famous Big Five (elephant, rhinoceros, buffalo, lion, and leopard), offering ample opportunities to witness these iconic animals up close. 

    tsavo east national park
    Tsavo east national park



  • Tsavo East National Park Wildlife

    Tsavo East National Park is renowned for its rich and diverse wildlife. As one of the largest game reserves in Kenya, it provides a natural habitat for a wide range of animal species. Here are some of the incredible wildlife you can encounter during a visit to Tsavo East National Park: 

    • Elephants: Tsavo East is famous for its large elephant herds. You’ll have the opportunity to witness these majestic creatures up close as they roam freely in their natural habitat. 
    • Lions: Tsavo East is home to a healthy population of lions. Keep your eyes peeled during game drives for the chance to spot these powerful predators in action. 
    • Giraffes: The park is teeming with graceful giraffes, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to see these gentle giants stretching their long necks to reach leaves from towering acacia trees. 
    • Zebras: One of the most iconic symbols of the African savannah, zebras can be spotted throughout the park. Their black and white stripes create a striking sight against the backdrop of Tsavo East’s landscapes. 
    • Buffalos: Look out for African buffalos, often found in herds grazing on the park’s grassy plains. These formidable animals are known for their strength and imposing presence. 
    • Leopards: While elusive and masters of camouflage, Tsavo East is home to a population of leopards. Keep a keen eye out during game drives for a chance to spot these stealthy felines. 
    • Cheetahs: Tsavo East National Park provides a habitat for cheetahs, the fastest land animals on Earth. Witness their incredible speed and agility as they hunt and traverse the open plains. 
    • Rhinoceros: Both black and white rhinoceros can be found in Tsavo East, though they are more elusive due to their endangered status. Spotting one of these magnificent creatures is a rare and special sight. 
    • Hippos: The park’s rivers and waterholes are home to hippopotamuses. Watch these semi-aquatic mammals as they wallow in the water and interact with one another. 
    • Crocodiles: Keep an eye on the riverbanks, as you might spot Nile crocodiles basking in the sun or lurking in the water. These ancient reptiles are formidable predators. 

    In addition to these highlights, Tsavo East National Park is also home to a variety of antelope species, warthogs, hyenas, baboons, vervet monkeys, and an abundance of birdlife.  




  • Tsavo East National Park Hotels

    When it comes to accommodation, Tsavo East National Park offers a range of options to suit every traveler’s preference. From luxurious lodges to cozy tented camps, you’ll find a place to rest and rejuvenate after an exhilarating day of exploration. Some notable hotels in Tsavo East include [insert hotel names], where you can enjoy comfortable amenities, delectable cuisine, and stunning views of the surrounding wilderness. 



  • Tsavo East National Park Lodges

    For those seeking an immersive experience in the heart of nature, staying at one of the lodges within Tsavo East National Park is an excellent choice. Sentrim Lodge Tsavo East is a prime example, offering a unique blend of comfort and authenticity. Nestled amidst the picturesque landscape, this lodge provides an ideal base for exploring the park while enjoying top-notch facilities and warm hospitality.


    attractions in tsavo east national park

  • Tsavo East National Park Accommodation

    Apart from the lodges, Tsavo East National Park offers various accommodation options to cater to different budgets and preferences. Whether you prefer a luxurious lodge, a cozy tented camp, or a self-catering cottage, you’ll find suitable choices within and around the park. These accommodations provide the perfect blend of comfort and proximity to nature, allowing you to unwind and recharge for your next adventure. 



  • Attractions in Tsavo East National Park

    Beyond the wildlife encounters, Tsavo East National Park boasts a plethora of attractions that will leave you in awe. Here are a few must-visit sites within the park: 

    Aruba Dam: A man-made waterhole attracting a multitude of animals, providing excellent opportunities for wildlife sightings and birdwatching. 

    Lugard Falls: A series of picturesque rapids along the Galana River, offering a breathtaking setting for nature walks and picnics. 

    Mudanda Rock: A massive rock formation with a water catchment at its base, attracting a variety of animals for a refreshing drink. 

    Yatta Plateau: The world’s longest lava flow stretches over 290 kilometers, offering panoramic views of the park’s expansive landscape. 

    Galana River: A lifeline for the park’s wildlife, the Galana River is home to a diverse range of aquatic species and offers scenic boat safaris. 

    Prepare yourself for a memorable journey into the heart of the wild at Tsavo East National Park. With its awe-inspiring landscapes, abundant wildlife, and comfortable accommodations, this Kenyan gem is a dream come true for nature enthusiasts and safari aficionados. Get ready to create lifelong memories in this captivating destination 

  • Best Time To Visit Tsavo East National Park

    A trip to Tsavo East National Park is best planned from June to October and January to February when conditions in the park are favorable for wildlife watching. During the peak of the short rains (November) and the long rains (April), conditions can be more challenging. The vegetation at these times is denser and animals spread out, which makes spotting them more difficult.
    Tsavo East National Park beckons adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts to immerse themselves in its untamed beauty. With Mufasa Tours and Travels as your trusted guide, you can embark on a remarkable journey through this Kenyan gem. Explore the park’s diverse ecosystems and witness the iconic Big Five on thrilling game drives. Indulge in luxurious accommodations amidst the wilderness, curated with personalized service and warm hospitality. Discover unique activities such as birdwatching, cultural visits, and sunset safaris that deepen your connection with the park’s wonders. Mufasa Tours and Travels prioritizes conservation and sustainability, ensuring responsible tourism practices. Let Mufasa Tours and Travels transform your dreams into reality, creating lifelong memories as you explore the wild treasures of Tsavo East National Park.


    Tsavo east safari
    Tsavo east national park

Tsavo East National Park FAQs

How do I get to Tsavo East National Park?

Tsavo East National Park can be accessed by road from Nairobi, Mombasa, and other major cities in Kenya. The park is also served by several airstrips for those who prefer to fly. 

What is the best time to visit Tsavo East National Park?

Tsavo East National Park can be visited year-round, but the dry seasons from June to October and January to February are generally considered the best for wildlife viewing. During these months, animals gather near water sources, making them easier to spot. 

Are there accommodations available within Tsavo East National Park?

Yes, there are lodges and tented camps located within the park that offer comfortable accommodations and an immersive safari experience. Sentrim Lodge Tsavo East is one of the notable lodges within the park. 

Can I take photographs in Tsavo East National Park?

Yes, photography is highly encouraged in Tsavo East National Park. The park’s stunning landscapes and diverse wildlife provide fantastic opportunities for capturing memorable photographs. Just remember to respect the park’s guidelines and maintain a safe distance from the animals. 

Are there any precautions I should take during my visit to Tsavo East National Park?

Yes, it is essential to follow the park’s regulations and guidelines for your safety and the welfare of the wildlife. This includes maintaining a safe distance from animals, not feeding them, and adhering to the instructions of your guides. It is also recommended to carry sunscreen, insect repellent, and sufficient drinking water during your safaris. 

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